Employment Opportunity

Family Based Services
Visitation Center Driver/Case Managers


  • A Visitation Center driver is responsible for transporting children from home, school, day care, etc.  to the Visitation Center, and  from the Visitation Center to home. In addition to the maneuvering of the van, a driver will also help the children in and out of the vehicle. Duties also include accommodating children with disabilities by loading and unloading wheelchairs, crutches, braces and other medically necessary items. All Visitation Center drivers are responsible for waiting in the Center with the children until the visit has commenced. Driver/Case Managers will meet with the Center Coordinator prior to transporting children to be updated on any pertinent issues as they relate to the family and again at the end of the visit to determine if there have been any issues that may impact the child's ride home.


  • A Visitation Center driver takes on a huge task in ensuring each child's safety. Every child must be seated and strapped in according to the Massachusetts safety belt laws. Once the children are secured in their seats, the driver must heed the laws of the road. The driver observes the speed limit and all road signs and signal aids in the task of delivering the children safely to their destinations. Drivers may not use a cell phone for texting or emails while working for the FCR Visitation Center.  All drivers must carry in their vehicles state mandatory emergency equipment as provided by the Agency.

Vehicle Responsibilities

  • The driver is responsible for all of the vehicle maintenance duties.  The driver must keep the vehicle clean at all times and will prepare trip reports, which are records of the destination, the number of miles traveled and any receipts that are related to the trip.
  • Specific training is required for the driver of Visitation Center cases including general training in CPR and first aid, agency and program specific policies and procedures, general knowledge of early childhood development. All drivers must provide the agency with a current MA 7D Certificate, current MA driver's license, copy of driving record and vehicle registration and insurance.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Catherine Stowe, Director, IPAEP
250 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA 02301
Email: Catherine.Stowe@fcr-ma.org
No phone calls please