Wings of Hope Butterfly Release
June, 2014

Emily and Matthew Milne help FCR Staffer Caitlyn Patton free the butterflies

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, butterflies were released to honor homicide victims who have died as a result of domestic violence. The butterflies symbolized hope and peace. The vigil was called "Wings of Hope."

Coordinated by Dieja Varela, Coordinator for the Domestic Violence program at FCR, the event was sponsored by four agencies with domestic violence programs in Plymouth County: Community Connections of Brockton, Family and Community Resources Inc. and Health Imperatives, both in Brockton, and South Shore Women's Resource Center in Plymouth.

The vigil was attended by parents, children, human service providers, and elected officials Senator Tom Kennedy, Fred Fontaine, Director of Community Relations, representing Mayor Carpenter, Councilor Michelle DuBois, and School Committeeman Ossie Jordan.

Speakers included:
• Patricia Kelleher, the president and CEO of FCR
• Julia Kehoe, CEO, Health Imperatives
• Carmelle Bonhometre, Director of the Domestic Violence program at the Association of Haitian Women of Boston
• William McCoy, Director of Homicide Bereavement Services, South Shore Women's Resources Center
• Fred Fontaine, Director of Community Relations, City of Brockton
• Michelle DuBois, City Councilor, City of Brockton
• Senator Tom Kennedy
• Salvatore Spartichino, brother of a homicide victim, Beth Spartichino, spoke of the pain that can be felt for many years after the loss. He indicated that the Butterfly Release is part of the healing process for him.
• Caitlyn Patton - Poetry Reading

The children who attended the vigil were thrilled to help release the beautiful butterflies!

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