White Ribbon Campaign
March, 2014

The White Ribbon Campaign is part of an international movement designed to end violence against women. Started in Canada in 1991 by a group of men to protest the massacre of 14 women by a man two years prior, it has involved over 60 countries. The campaign focuses on changing men's beliefs and values to eliminate violence against women. Men and boys, led by influential men in the community, pledge that they will never participate in or remain silent about violence against women. They learn new ways to celebrate their masculinity by being leaders in the fight against violence. The small White Ribbons they wear serve as symbols of their dedication to this cause.

In 2014 we were honored to have two strong men as Honorary Co-Chairs of our Campaign, Representative Michael D. Brady and Brockton Housing Authority Executive Director Thomas G. Thibeault. We applaud their dedication and desire to promote safety for women. They were joined the Board members of FCR, David B. Madoff, Wayne McAllister (recently deceased), Stephen J. Donahue, and Michael A. Khoury.

Michael D. Brady

Executive Director
Thomas G. Thibeault

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